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Delegate Mike McKay’s Annapolis Update

Contents – April 1, 2017

There are 10 days left in the 2017 Legislative Session

The days after Crossover move slowly, as the House and Senate begin to take up bills passed by the opposite chamber. As with the beginning of session, much of the work is happening in Committee, but at a more-concentrated and faster rate.

The pace will pick up again next week, as we approach Sine Die on April 10th.
Sportsmen’s Community Honors Senator John Astle

On March 25, the Maryland Hunting Coalition, an organization dedicated to uniting all Maryland hunters to protect the heritage and privileges of hunting and trapping, hosted its Annual Dinner and Benefit. Over 300 members of the sportsmen’s community were in attendance to celebrate the many positive impacts that hunters provide for the Old Line State.

This year’s event highlighted the many years of dedication and leadership of Senator John Astle, Maryland Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus Co-Chair and founding President of the National Assembly of Sportsmen’s Caucuses (NASC). Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation (CSF) President Jeff Crane, Maryland Division of Wildlife and Heritage Director Paul Peditto, Maryland Natural Resources Police Colonel Robert Ziegler and Maryland Hunting Coalition Advocate Bill Miles all presented Senator Astle with the first ever Sportsmen’s Emeritus Award.

Prior to his time in public office, Senator Astle served as a Captain in the United States Marine Corps in Vietnam earning 31 air medals and 2 Purple Hearts. Senator Astle later flew with Air Force One under President Nixon and has served in the Maryland General Assembly for nearly 35 years. During that time, he has championed numerous pro-sportsmen bills and continues to promote and advance sportsmen’s interests in Maryland and across the country.

Sanctuary State Update – “The Trust Act”

Senate President Mike Miller called the Sanctuary State Bill – which shields felons from deportation – “Reasonable,” in the Baltimore Sun on March 22.

Now, after pressure from you and so many others, Senate President Miller has changed his mind!!

“Miller said today. ‘The bill as it passed the House is not going to pass the Senate.'” WBAL.com March 29.

The liberal leaders in the Senate are working on passing the bill without the really bad parts just to save face. I’m not sure how you put lipstick on that pig – but you can count on me to stay on top of this issue. Stay tuned for updates. The 2017 legislative session ends on Monday, April 10 at midnight so we will know the final results of this terrible bill in a little more than a week.

Stand with me tell the Senate they MUST SAY NO to making Maryland a Sanctuary State. Our only hope is to defeat this bill in the Senate and your voice is important!

Delegate Scholarship Program

District 1C residents attending a college, university, trade school or equivalent in the State of Maryland are eligible for the Delegate Scholarship.

Current high school seniors and full-time (12+ credits per semester) or part-time (6-11 credits per semester), degree-seeking under-graduate students, graduate students, and students attending a private career school may apply.

For questions regarding the application process, please call my Cumberland office and
ask to speak with Linda Widmyer at 240-362-7040.

Please be sure to have your completed application
postmarked by March 31, 2017.

Extended two weeks! Now due April 15, 2017

Who Opposes a Balanced Budget?

Our national debt is at almost $20 trillion. This means that every man, woman, and child owes the federal government $61,146 right now and every taxpayer owes $165,542! And there is no end in sight without a balanced budget in DC.

By Tuesday, a resolution will be passed the General Assembly that will cancel a proposed amendment to the US Constitution for a balanced budget. There are actually four open calls for amendments to our Constitution. We tried to protect the Balanced Budget amendment and the vote failed.

I support a federal balanced budget and a Constitutional Amendment for a federal balanced budget. With the national debt growing every minute indebting our children and grandchildren – NOW is the time for a mandated balanced budget. The debt clock tells the scary truth – http://www.usdebtclock.org/

Once again, virtually along party lines, this measure failed. Very disappointing.

Delegate Mike McKay’s Annapolis Update

Contents – March 21, 2017

House Bill 150 “The Budget”
Crossover Day
National Politics playing out in Maryland
Delegate Scholarship Program
Bills of Interest – Delegate McKay sponsored bills

Putting Maryland’s Fiscal House in Order

The budget passed out of the House of Delegates this week. Governor Hogan is being responsible with spending and working hard to reign in the state budget. Governor Hogan funded education at the highest level in the history of the state with every single county and the City receiving an increase from last year. He also funded roads, economic development and health care. With the heroin crisis facing every community in our state, Governor Hogan committed extra money and resources to fight this crisis and to help turn things around. While the leadership in the House increased capital spending above Governor Hogan’s proposal, it was much less than anything we saw under Governor O’Malley.

The bi-partisan common sense budget proposal that passed this week helps taxpayers across our state and, hopefully, will provide tax relief to everyone in the coming year. I am very proud to be working with Governor Hogan to put Maryland’s fiscal house in order.

Crossover Day

We are working overtime during this period in the 2017 Session of the General Assembly. Crossover day is when bills need to clear the House of Delegates and be sent to the Senate for passage without being sent to the Rules Committee. Bills sent here require an extra layer of lift to be voted on and hopefully sent the the Governor desk.

Passage of HR 9 – Why?

Protection of the “Affordable Care Act” (. . . otherwise known as Obamacare.)

On a 90-50 party-line vote, the House Democrats passed HR 9, urging Congress to “protect the Affordable Care Act.”
Before the election, even Democrats, including President Obama and former President Bill Clinton, acknowledged that there were a great many problems with Obamacare, chief among which were the massive cost increases, the dramatically increasing deductibles, and the dwindling choice of health care providers.
Now, Congress is working to find a solution.
Why on earth should the Maryland House of Delegates take a stand against a DRAFT of a bill that CONGRESS is looking at as a PIECE of the solution?

Delegate Scholarship Program

District 1C residents attending a college, university, trade school or equivalent in the State of Maryland are eligible for the Delegate Scholarship.

Current high school seniors and full-time (12+ credits per semester) or part-time (6-11 credits per semester), degree-seeking under-graduate students, graduate students, and students attending a private career school may apply.

For questions regarding the application process, please call my Cumberland office and
ask to speak with Linda Widmyer at 240-362-7040.

Please be sure to have your completed application
postmarked by March 31, 2017.

Bills of Interest

HB 177
Killing or Wounding Black Bears – Penalties – Exemption for Protection of Managed Honey Bee Colonies

Sponsored by: Delegate McKay

In the Senate – Hearing 3/28 at 1:00 p.m.

Exempting an individual who kills or wounds a black bear in defense of the life of a honey bee in a specified bee colony managed by the individual from specified penalties, subject to a specified exception; and establishing that the exemption does not apply if the individual has not contacted the Department of Natural Resources to receive an electric fence and installed and properly maintained the electric fence.


Correctional Services – Commissioner’s Duties – Staffing Report

Sponsored by: Delegate McKay

In the Senate – Hearing 3/28 at 1:00 p.m.

Requiring the Commissioner of Correction to submit a security and staffing report to the Secretary of Public Safety, the Governor, and the General Assembly on or before October 31, 2017, and on or before October 31 in every odd-numbered year thereafter; requiring the report to be based on a joint survey conducted by the administration of the Division of Correction and the exclusive collective bargaining representative of the employees; requiring the report to include specified information; etc.


Washington County – Alcoholic Beverages – Wineries – Special Event Permits

Sponsored by: Delegate McKay

In the Senate – First Reading Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs

Establishing a special event permit in Washington County; authorizing a holder of a Class 3 winery license or a Class 4 limited winery license in the county to sell beer, wine that is produced by the holder, and liquor for on-premises consumption at specified events; requiring the permit holder, before using the permit, to notify the Board of License Commissioners at least 1 week before an event is to occur; authorizing the license holder to use the permit no more than 60 times in a year; and providing an annual permit fee of $1,000


Maryland Medical Assistance Program – Comprehensive Dental Benefits for Adults – Authorization

Sponsored by: Delegate McKay

In the House – expected to be voted this week and sent to Senate Rules

Authorizing the Maryland Medical Assistance Program, beginning on January 1, 2019, and subject to specified limitations, to provide comprehensive dental services for adults whose annual household income is at or below 133 percent of the poverty level.

Before It’s Too Late: Heroin & Opioid Epidemic PSA – 60 Seconds

Video Release:

“Before It’s Too Late” – Heroin & Opioid Awareness PSA (60 Seconds)

Senator J.B. Jennings Annapolis Update 3/20/17


It was business as usual in Annapolis this week despite a late season snow storm that blanketed much of the State. As we near the end of the legislative session, days are getting longer and committees in both the Senate and the House are on overdrive to meet the annual deadline to pass bills out of their chambers to be sent to the other. This event, known as “Crossover Day,” takes place today, Monday, March 20, 2017, where it allows for the greatest chance for bills to be turned into laws.

Paid Sick Leave

The Senate passed its version of the Maryland Healthy Working Families Act on Thursday by a 29-18 vote, despite what I and others did to stop it. The bill, which states that businesses with at least 15 employees are required to provide five days of paid sick leave per year, will impede job growth in the State and stop businesses from creating additional jobs. There are approximately 20,000 small businesses in the State with at least 15 employees; we cannot expect them to continue to have a positive influence on the economy while simultaneously demanding that they meet unrealistic and expensive demands.

Transportation Scoring Bill

This bill, also known by opponents as “the road kill bill,” would require the State to rank highway and transit plans in order of need and importance before deciding which project to fund. This legislation favors big transit rail projects over road projects, and urban area needs over rural and suburban transportation ones. It has jeopardized funding for almost all of Maryland’s major transportation projects, and will force the State to cancel nearly $1 billion in planned road projects. It was vetoed by the Governor; the veto was subsequently overridden by the General Assembly.

Veterans Service Dogs (SB 441)

I’m a proud co-sponsor of this bill, which establishes the Maryland Veterans Service Animal Program. The purpose of the program is to pair physically and mentally wounded Veterans with service or support dogs, who provide assistance, companionship and help in adjusting to life after war. These dogs have been trained to be familiar with and sensitive to all symptoms and behaviors of PTSD. To be eligible for this program, Veterans must be Maryland residents, must have served on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces and been honorably discharged.

Less Testing, More Learning Act (SB 452) 

I have co-sponsored this legislation, which would limit schools from spending more than 2% of classroom time on testing mandated by federal, state and local entities. The bill also repeals the requirement for statewide social studies assessments in middle and high school (the high school assessment is known as the Government HSA). Instead, beginning in the 2017-2018 school year, each local board of education would be required to develop a locally designed and implemented performance-based social studies assessment. Each local board of education must also establish a District Committee on Assessments to monitor and evaluate the county’s assessment program.

This week my daughter Kate made a special trip to visit me in Annapolis and ran into
her old friend, Governor Hogan.

Thank you for your continued interest in Maryland’s 2017 Legislation Session, and please stay tuned for next week’s Annapolis update. In the meantime, I’d love to hear your feedback on the issues I’ve outlined today, or anything else of importance to you and your family. As always, please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Best regards,

Senator J.B. Jennings

March Monthly Meeting

The members of the Washington County Republican Club will hold their March meeting on Wednesday March 22nd – 7 P.M. at the Funkstown American Legion Post 211 ballroom entrance.

Curt Wood, Instructor for the Criminal Justice Program in the Washington County Schools Public Service Academy, will be the guest speaker for the evening. The Public Service Academy, located on Frederick St. in Hagerstown MD is considered part of the Washington County Technical High School. We are looking forward to a very interesting, informative presentation by Mr. Wood. Attend and learn about the opportunities available to WC students.

Looking ahead to the month of April, we are excited to have our Western Maryland Delegation visit with us.They will speak about the 2017 Session in Annapolis and give us an update. Mark your calendars to join us that evening to learn what was accomplished, that will affect all of us.
The date is Wednesday, April 26 – 7 PM Funkstown American Legion Post 211 the ballroom entrance. Be part of this event!

The Washington County Republican Cub is looking forward to a productive and exciting year! You can attend our functions without being a member, but if you wish to become a member of the WCRC, you can do so at any one of our monthly meetings. Please look for our event notifications. We also offer voter registration for all MD residents on site.

Letter by Donny Ravas published by the Herald-Mail

3-2-17 I attended US Maryland 6th District Rep. John Delaney’s Town Hall meeting between 8 and 9 pm:

He opened with a short Bio and opened the floor for questions, but then continued about what he is up against in this GOP lead Congress (he has become a very polished speaker than when I met him in 2012 running for his first term).
In a short summary, he mapped out how he categorizes what he is for and what he is against and it is a 3-point plan. He uses a certain stratagem on determining his support or nonsupport on the current administration’s policies and legislative bills being introduced as follows;

-Good, (if the policies are in line with his ideology, then he wholeheartedly supports it)
-In Between, (If he feels that the policy does not meet his standards but it is not entirely bad or good, he’ll fight to shape it more to his liking)
-Bad, (These would be bills and policies he feels represents the worst for Americans overall, and he swore to fight them with everything that he has such as any overhaul of Obamacare (healthcare to him is a right).

Although he can be very persuasive with his demeanor, (not quite silver tongued but he is improving on his craft), I had a couple agreements on his Veteran Issues, his claim to believe in God’s judgment and his own experienced business philosophy, to me he failed on the foundation of what makes our American Republic great and exceptional, and I rather hold onto the individual freedoms and liberties, being law abiding and responsible rather than the progressive collectivism and utilization of more government programs. For Instance;

-One, there was no invocation (or moment of silence?) and or Pledge of Allegiance (regardless of party this is a show of respect for all who have sacrificed, facing horrific struggles in their lives, those who love America and it unifies us even if it only lasts for a few minutes). For the hour that I was there, none of this happened.

-Two, where was the mention of the rule of law regarding Illegal Aliens and or our US Constitution that guides Rep. Delaney’s path and decision making process? This was omitted, never mentioned in his 3-point plan on support or non-support but he shared that he is very global savvy in his approach. So where does the rule of law and US Constitution come into play with the Representative who swore an oath to uphold and defend the USC?

Who knows, but that is our guideline, our rights, our protections against tyrannical and totalitarianism forms of government, the very same issue he was raising with this current 40+ day old Trump administration…funny, huh? However, this said, the Town Hall was civil and there were great questions raised.

Lastly, Rep Delaney’s message is conflicted, he talks about how successful he was in a capitalist form of government with his own business coming from modest roots (basically from nothing he “built” his business), but he apologizes a few sentences later about Capitalism leaving those less fortunate in its wake and that this is an obligation for him to help them out. Okay. Is he being mysterious here, is this some sort of conundrum? Maybe, but it almost sounded like “guilt” for those who are successful compared to those who will not get out of bed or help improve their own situations, i.e. his point was aimed at more government handouts…I subscribe to being self-reliant and self-sufficient to the best of my ability, less government dependency. I am not talking about those who are unable to help themselves but capitalism is not to blame for this. His message although well spoken (and I am sure he has said this a time or two previously) was somewhat all over the place, I would agree with him then his next sentence I was shaking my head, or finding myself grunt (hmm) out loud.

I believe that Rep. Delaney means well and he is a charmer, and he claims he doesn’t go party all the way, everything that I have witnessed by him so far, was a rubber stamp for ex-president Barrack Hussein Obama policies and agenda. From there it is up to you to research and decide, just my two cents.